NUCLEAR SUMMER 1997, selected pages, 2018-2021
~webcomic, first print edition 2019 ~

LUSCA, for RZEŹZIN anthology, 2022
print edition 2022

PEREGRINE REPRISED, personal work, 2022

SELECTED OTHER PAGES, published and personal work

Dave "SLAVIIIK" J. is a Polish comic artist and painter, currently pursuing an MA from the Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts. Between 2018 and 2021, he wrote and drew the webcomic Nuclear Summer 1997, of which the Polish-language version of the first chapter was independently published in print in 2019. He has also drawn various published comics, covers and illustrations, including work for the anthologies Rzeźzin, Rzeźzin 2, Cymelia, Mutagen Krackle 1 and 2, Advent20 and 21, and the novel Featherlight.
He can be contacted regarding commissions or other work at [email protected]